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When investing in any test equipment, whilst the initial expenditure of course is very important, it is essential to look at the cost of ownership and ongoing care support plans available.  Also remember if purchasing a Certifier to test Category cables,  all manufacturers have to adhere to the industry standards, so we strongly advise to do some due diligence by comparing  the brands and packages available on the market.

Bownet partnered with TREND NETWORKS  for over 20 years ago and as it stands today TREND product has never been more appealing to customers. User friendly touch screen interfaces, super fast testing and in particular Certifiers have the ability to upload test results to the office remotely thus enabling administrators to process and get installations signed off, whilst ensuring your engineering team can keep the equipment on board, ready for the next job.

Our combined approach is to offer unbiased pre sales support in terms of direct contact or through on demand  one to one online webinars. It is essential that through a informal consultative process you base your decision on an informed choice as our conjoined ethos is to make sure any investment you make, is right for the business.

Why consider TREND NETWORKS? 

Lifetime Support Promise – we’ll calibrate and repair the testing equipment you buy from us for as long as you use it.

Depend On Our Data – TREND AnyWARE Cloud is the only system for certification, network and bandwidth testing.

        Rapid Service – If we can’t answer your Technical Support call instantly we strive to return the call within 2 business hours.

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Promotions For July & August 2022

*****Trade In your old Certifier or Purchase a New Tester with a 3 Year Careplan and receive project pricing supported by Bownet & TREND Networks.   

Contact us at or call 01322 553822  to arrange a consultation and an amazing deal.

LanTEK IV-S – Cable Certifier

The most fastest model TREND NETWORKS have ever made 

The LanTEK IV-S copper and fibre data cable certifier is the future of cable certification and testing. Saving you time it will test and save a Cat6A link in 7 seconds and certifies links up to Cat8.1 and Cat8.2, including TCL and Resistance Unbalance measurements.

    • 7 second test time                                                                   Purchasing Options   
    • World’s fastest Cloud enabled certifier                 R163009  3000MHz Tester Up to Cat8
    • VisiLINQ™ permanent link adapters                      R163008       500MHz  Tester Up to Cat6
    • Project navigation in the Cloud                               SCP3YRN     3 Year Careplan
    • Twice the CPU power as LanTEK IV
    • Sapphire Care Plan available